The Startup Awards are a capstone of the Studio curriculum. Each year we award up to four companies pre-seed funding worth up to $100,000, including the continued support of the Cornell Tech Spinout Team.

These ten student teams have been selected as finalists for Cornell Tech's sixth annual Startup Awards competition.


No office visits, no lab visits, no judgment – just discreet, simple, and affordable STI testing from the comfort of your home.

Presenters: David Stein & Kyle Waters


Talk. Listen. Buzz. Anywhere. Buzr is connecting your phone to your intercom.

Presenters: Tony Liebel & Jeremy Walker


A group focused, micro-networking, content creation platform for gamers that connects to the communication services they already use.

Presenters: Eddie Mele & Jordan Garcie


Enroute is a platform that provides the tools and intelligence necessary to enable seamless patient transportation throughout a hospital.

Presenters: Samson Schirmer & Mike Kosnik


Horizon recreates the chemistry of the physical office in the virtual world using avatars and AI-directed voice for seamless interaction.

Presenters: Will Mitchell & Nate Ngbondo Koweda


Our mission is to create an affordable hand neuroprosthetic brain-controlled interface that can restore near natural functionality.

Presenters: Vini Tripathii & Eeshan Tripathii


Kadr is a marketplace for direct video games with celebrities/influencers. Suppliers set their own prices to collect or donate to charity.

Presenters: Ian Mukherjee & Jon Horowitz


OnePlace is a family operating system. It’s a guided, customizable SaaS product used to get organized and manage growth and change together.

Presenters: Daniel Asper, Yasmin Lalani, Ryan Kim, & Sunny Ladkani


Onfour is the premier livestream concert platform for musicians, facilitating smooth set up, monetization, and unique fan interaction.

Presenters: Spencer Amer, Vinod Krishnamurthy, Yuxin Zhang, & Lily Wang


On-demand fitting room experience for shoppers to try on any clothes they find online and a new high-touch distribution channel for brands.

Presenters: Danielle Cole & Siyu Yao


One of the most magical elements of Open Studio is the opportunity for our students and community members to interact and find ways to collaborate. With a virtual event, these kinds of collisions are hard, but not impossible.

Today we are hosting virtual demo spaces with student companies, alumni Spinouts, and Jacobs Institute Runway Postdocs where you will have a chance to connect with the teams and discuss their work. Join any of the breakout rooms linked below to participate!

Each room will be hosted by Zoom and moderated by the students and staff of Cornell Tech.

These rooms will open at 1:30 PM ET after the annoucement of our Startup Award winners and you will be asked to register prior to joining.

If you have any questions about accessing these virtual demo spaces or Open Studio in general, please contact us at studio@tech.cornell.edu. We have volunteers prepared to assist you!

To get a full overview of the work completed at Cornell Tech this semester, please explore our TEAMS section.

Health Tech

Health Tech projects apply state-of-the-art technologies to address consumer health and wellness, clinical decision-making, and healthcare operations.

Public Interest Tech

Public interest tech projects explore technical solutions to societal challenges that might otherwise “fall between the cracks” of federal research funding, commercial investment, and even foundation support.

Connective Media

Connective Media is the computer science-centered study of the ecosystems formed when communication, information, and media converge—and the ways in which these ecosystems change how we behave as a society.

FinTech & Retail

As the landscape of retail and financial services evolves, Cornell Tech students are on the forefront of business and technology innovations to make direct impact.

Virtual Experiences and Gaming

Now more than ever, virtual experiences will change the way we hang out, game, and connect.


With the support of the MakerLAB, Cornell Tech students build physical products to address business and societal challenges in real time.

Future of Work & Productivity

In the wake of COVID-19, how and where we work is changing dramatically. This change requires new tools and technologies to support in person office layout, remote work, and productivity.

Urban Tech & Transportation

At Cornell Tech, we define “urban tech” as a nascent sector of technology encompassing innovations and products that make cities and urban spaces more connected, livable, efficient, and adaptable for people and businesses alike. It’s a broader term than “the built environment” and not as overly familiar as “smart cities.”

MakerLAB Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the MakerLAB and learn about projects built this semester. See in action how tools for prototyping enables students, faculty, and the campus community to test and build their ideas from initial sketch to refined prototype.